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About ASE

Founded in 2002, ASE Handling has grown from a small Airline supervision company to a large provider of Aviation services in Scandinavia.

Our Team

No business could survive without it's team of special staff and at ASE our team make our company what it is today - A success. It's simply down to them and their hard work and flexibility in the work place. The aviation business is challenging and ever changing and we must adapt to the changes around us and our team continue to do so keeping a smile and a huge focus on the customer experience. The majority of the team come from past aviation backgrounds and we know how to serve our clients. We have all seen aviation and the customer service industry really depreciate and its always been our focus to keep the "Good Old Fashioned" customer service alive. We want to know you on first name basis, we want to make friends and corporations and most importantly we want you to enjoy your experience at our FBOs.

Our Service

We provide a variety of services at our FBO's from handling, catering, transport, cleaning as well as a new commercial meet & greet service at Copenhagen Airport. We are by far the largest VIP Aircraft & Passenger dedicated handling company in Northern Europe handling thousands of flights and passengers every year
Copenhagen EKCH   |   Stockholm ESSA |   Stockholm ESSB | Pattaya VTBU   

Our Promise

It's our promise that you will receive the very best attention to detail, we will be there to assist you when you need it, adjust to your plans, help you along the way with ideas and suggestions but more importantly it's our promise that the service you experience will come with a professional attitude and a friendly face.  We are honest in our approach and we don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we are the best!
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